Meeting Moms

Why is it so hard to meet other moms?

Having my first child felt like I should be inducted into a “New Moms Club". This club is international and has many chapters. But, it’s not the kind of club you can nudge your buddy into joining with you (it’s tempting, but don’t do this!). There are billions of people in this world, so there has to be billions of mothers, right? So then why did it seem like I was in a club for one?

Why is it so hard to meet other moms?

Before I became a mom, I seemed to only know two kinds of people: those without kids and those with teenagers. I take that back, I did have one friend with young children… it’s just that we didn’t really have anything in common after she had kids.


So, we know why we lose some friends after motherhood, but how do we make new mommy friends? I’ve always been a little shy anyway. Every attempt to make a mommy friend felt like the first day at a new school. What should I wear to story-time at the library? If I wear too much makeup will I seem like I’m trying too hard? Maybe I should let them see the bags under my eyes a little and then we’ll have a talking point. We should bring fruit and organic crackers to the park; first impressions are everything after all.

So much stress and it was always to little or no avail. Everyone, myself included, seemed pressed for time. These were social outings for the kids, not the moms. We were taking these opportunities to check e-mails and make phone calls.

Why is it so hard to meet other moms?

Enter Stroller Strides.

Stroller Strides is a great place to meet other mothers, and I already know we’ve got at least one similar interest apart from children. We all want to be our best for ourselves and for our kids. You don’t even have to worry about idle small talk when you can complain about planks together!

Seriously, Stroller Strides takes me outside of my comfort zone. I’m doing things I once would have only done in my living room with the windows closed and probably not even around a mirror. I’m doing these things with other women. Together, we are doing something that could make us feel vulnerable, but we are coming out stronger.

This is time for us and our babies. It’s a time when we don’t have to worry about the other things going on. We can stop, stretch, and really meet each other.

Why is it so hard to meet other moms?

Because you haven't found Stroller Strides yet. Come join me at a class - let's complain about planks together!