Stroller Strides

We will be at Allsopp Park for Stroller Strides! Bring a sweat towel!! 😁. See you at 9:00. #fitmomsrock #ourvillage #10YearsStrong

Such a beautiful evening for outdoor fitness! #StrollerStrides is at Allsopp, #BodyBack is at PHUMC, on the lot. We'll see you soon!

Worried about the weather? 🌧 Stroller Strides class is inside st McCain Mall at 9 a.m. today! See you there. #fit4mom #strollerstrides

Fit4Baby: Prenatal Fitness

Fit4Baby: Prenatal Fitness

Fit4Baby prenatal fitness classes are designed to strengthen the body for all the changes it will experience during pregnancy. Fit4Baby at Pulaski Heights UMC is free. You do not have to be a member of PHUMC to attend. Register in advance at

We're excited for today's Fit4Baby class! As always, it's FREE!

Good Morning Mamas!! Meet at Allsopp Park for Stroller Strides at 9:00! We will have a play date afterwards by the playground. #ourvillage #fitmomsrock

A squat is a squat. A lunge is a lunge...until you step into a FIT4MOM class. #meaningfulmovement and #meaningfulmindset for #allthemoms #lovewhatwedo #strengthinmotherhood

You've almost made it to the weekend! Why not start your morning with a trip to McCain Mall? 😏 See you at Stroller Strides at 9 a.m.

You have 4 chances to try FIT4MOM tomorrow - Body Back: 5:15am and 7:15pm; Stroller Strides: 9am and 6pm. Your first class is free!

What an amazing day for classes at the park! Stroller Strides and Body Back are both at Allsopp Park this evening. See you there! #fitmomsrock #10yearsstrong

Let's have some fun at Stroller Strides at McCain Mall today! See you at 9 a.m. in front of Regal Cinemas McCain Mall 12 & RPX.

Stroller Strides-- 9:00 at PHUMC in Wesley Hall. Enter the parking garage off of Lee Avenue. There will be double doors on your left. (We plan to do the craft play date on Wednesday at the park.) #ourvillage #fitarkansas

Hey Mamas!! We will see you at PARK PLAZA MALL this morning for Stroller Strides. Meet on the second level by the upcoming H&M store at 9:00. #ourvillage #fitmomsrock


Arriving July 30β€”Isabel Maternity seamless essentials & on-trend styles, new & only at Target. #IsabelAtTarget

Fit4Baby moms - check this out! #strengthinmotherhood

Hope you had a great weekend, Mamas! Let's meet at Allsopp Park to start up another great week of Stroller Strides!! See you by the playground at 9:00!! Stick around afterwards for some play time. #ourvillage #fitmomsrock #FIT4MOM #10YearsStrong

Body Back

Fit4Mom Little Rock

Total Body Fitness classes for moms with their stroller-aged children. Prenatal and Postnatal fitness.

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All kinds of curvaceous. We are a new kind of strong, and we are SO proud to be featured in the new Target C9 campaign. Yes mama, yes! #OnlyAtTarget #FIT4MOM. #ad

Target featured FIT4MOM in their new C9 Champion activewear ad campaign!! We are so proud and excited!! #fit4mom #bodyback #momsinfitness #fitarkansas


Your Monday morning reminder that you are strong, beautiful, and an incredible mama πŸ’— πŸ“· @fit4momoldmilldistrict ・・・ Today, give yourself the gift of S E L F - L O V E. Look in the mirror and say these words to yourself - one time, two times, a hundred times; as many times as it takes for you to believe them, for them to reach way down deep into your heart. β€’ I am STRONG β€’ I am BEAUTIFUL β€’ I am SMART β€’ I am an AMAZING MAMA β€’ I am E N O U G H β€’ Say that last one again - I am E N O U G H β€’

Your Monday morning reminder that you are strong, beautiful, and an incredible mama πŸ’—

Fit4Mom Mother's Day Class

Fit4Mom Mother's Day Class

Free Fitness Class for Mother's Day Weekend! Join us for our Annual Mother's Day class! Our annual celebration of mom is a hybrid of Stroller Strides and Body Back, and ALL are welcome. Children in attendance must be securely strapped in a stroller (no bike/scooter riders). Partners are welcome as well. We LOVE family classes, and we LOVE to celebrate Moms! What do you need: water, sunscreen and a yoga mat or towel. Click the ticket link to enroll in our free Mother's Day class

This Saturday! Celebrate motherhood with us!


How are you staying organized this #MONTHOFMAMA?? Hope you've downloaded all your printables! Love a good planner, which is why we designed the daily planner for you to download and work off of! Are you finding the shopping guides helpful, too? We sure are πŸ™‹πŸΌ sending love your way! T O N I G H T write down five things you're grateful for; in a journal, on a sticky note, on your mirror...anywhere you can come back and read to fill your heart and soul with a little pick-me-up. πŸ’—πŸŒΈ . . . πŸ“· @kikki.k

Need help organizing? Our download can help!


#HIIT it, Mama! Your new workout is live on our YouTube channel! Happy Wednesday, and happy #MONTHOFMAMA πŸ’—πŸŒΈ

Okay, Moms - Let's do this!!

Friends and Family Discount - $259 if purchased by May 3rd. Full price begins May 4 until start date - May 9. The dates for the next session are May 9 - July 8. You will not see the discount reflected on my website, so to sign up, please send me a message and I'll take care of it for you! <3


Learn more, tag a friend and sign up for Month of Mama, coming May 1. Our gift to YOU. Special thanks to our partners BOB, Chosen Foods and KIND Snacks. #monthofmama #mothersdayiseveryday

Moms! You HAVE to sign up for this. This is just for us!! It's #monthofmama starting May 1st and its all FREE! You will get mini workouts, nutrition plans, meditations, and more. So good!!

Hold on to your hats! Our next sessions of Body Back Transformation will be open for registration tomorrow! Purchase between April 24 and and April 27 for $25 in early bird savings! Session Dates: May 9 - July 8