Body Back Member Testimonials

Patience and Persistence »

Julie West

My progress is a testament to patience and persistence. Rewards for suiting up, showing up and pushing myself. While I did run on my off days, and wore my Fitbit to remind me to get up and walk, this was all anchored in the BodyBack workouts we shared together. Thank you, Susan Robinson, and to the rest of you for being my accountability partners and constant sources of inspiration!

Weight loss = 14.6 lbs

Inches lost = 15

Run - decreased my time by 1 minute

Plank - increase my time by 2 minutes!

Side plank - increased my time by 1.5 minutes

Push ups - increased number from 11 to 30 (and they are now all full)

Sit ups - increased number from 16 to 29

Bicep curls - went up from 8 to 10 lbs., so number stayed about the same.

Squats - well, I only went from 92 to 96 but it's hard to do more in 1 minute.

And I'm not done yet. I'll be really at ease in my body when I lose 10 more pounds and am looking forward in getting even stronger!


Can't Thank You Enough »

Stephanie Scott

Thank you! And you are an A-mazing instructor!!! I am SO GLAD Jaime asked me to sign up with her!!! Because of you and your awesome coaching, I am on my way to finally getting my BODY BACK! I can't thank you enough!!!


An Awesome 8 Weeks! »

Jaime Herring

Thank you so much! This has been an awesome 8 weeks! You have really helped me get back in shape and it feels amazing!


A New Person, Inside and Out! »

Nina Reiss

Susan truly is an amazing instructor and much more (friend, confidant, cheerleader, etc)! Brent and I suffered our 3rd miscarriage in a row in June 2012 after an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle. We were devastated. Susan and I have been friends since early 2009 when I joined Stroller Strides with Caitlin. After seeing her posts on FB about Body Back, I reached out to her. I truly needed my Body Back (physically and mentally) after many months on fertility drugs. I started my first Body Back session just a couple of weeks after my miscarriage. Emotionally and physically beaten down. After the 8-week session I was a new person inside and out! I completed another 8-week session immediately after that one. That session ended on the 4th of October...and on the 5th I found out I was pregnant with Emerson. I truly believe, without a shadow of doubt, that getting my mind and body back to a positive place is what lead to our beautiful Emerson.


Friendship and Support »

Heather Mercer

I joined Body Back hoping to get in better shape and get stronger. I am on my third session and I have seen definite improvement in my strength and muscle tone. Susan has pushed me outside my comfort zone and made me realize I am stronger than I thought I was. The unexpected bonus from Body Back is the friendships and support from the incredible women I have met through my workout groups.


Full Body Training »

Jen Sandaker

I would like to thank Susan Robinson for her special brand of fun!! I can barely dress myself this morning. However, after 10 weeks with her, I went back to the weight room after a 5 month break and almost doubled the amount of weight I could lift with my legs and increased the upper body weights I could lift last April by 20-30%. Full body training is what works for me and her class is a huge part of my success.


I Was Stronger Than I Knew »

Martha Lauster

When I first signed up for Body Back, it was because I had started trying to run and was finding that I just wasn't progressing. I thought that improving my overall strength would help me run, a friend had just finished a BB session and she looked SMOKING HOT. So with nothing to lose, and thinking I understood everything there was to know about lifestyle change but just needed a little motivation, I signed up for a session.

It turned out that I had a lot to learn, and Susan Robinson is an excellent teacher. One session turned into 7 sessions, and for over a year I focused on my health and fitness with Susan's expert guidance. It is not an exaggeration to say that BB changed my life, starting from the very first session. I went from a person for whom exercise was a barely-tolerable experience to a person for whom exercise is a comforting habit. My moment-to-moment awareness of the nutritional value of the food I eat has increased tenfold, and I consistently make "better" choices if not "best" choices. I went from being fearful of new experiences (in many...