A New Person, Inside and Out!

Nina Reiss

Susan truly is an amazing instructor and much more (friend, confidant, cheerleader, etc)! Brent and I suffered our 3rd miscarriage in a row in June 2012 after an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle. We were devastated. Susan and I have been friends since early 2009 when I joined Stroller Strides with Caitlin. After seeing her posts on FB about Body Back, I reached out to her. I truly needed my Body Back (physically and mentally) after many months on fertility drugs. I started my first Body Back session just a couple of weeks after my miscarriage. Emotionally and physically beaten down. After the 8-week session I was a new person inside and out! I completed another 8-week session immediately after that one. That session ended on the 4th of October...and on the 5th I found out I was pregnant with Emerson. I truly believe, without a shadow of doubt, that getting my mind and body back to a positive place is what lead to our beautiful Emerson.