Patience and Persistence

Julie West

My progress is a testament to patience and persistence. Rewards for suiting up, showing up and pushing myself. While I did run on my off days, and wore my Fitbit to remind me to get up and walk, this was all anchored in the BodyBack workouts we shared together. Thank you, Susan Robinson, and to the rest of you for being my accountability partners and constant sources of inspiration!

Weight loss = 14.6 lbs

Inches lost = 15

Run - decreased my time by 1 minute

Plank - increase my time by 2 minutes!

Side plank - increased my time by 1.5 minutes

Push ups - increased number from 11 to 30 (and they are now all full)

Sit ups - increased number from 16 to 29

Bicep curls - went up from 8 to 10 lbs., so number stayed about the same.

Squats - well, I only went from 92 to 96 but it's hard to do more in 1 minute.

And I'm not done yet. I'll be really at ease in my body when I lose 10 more pounds and am looking forward in getting even stronger!